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Immerse yourself in the captivating universe of Retro Hunters, an enthralling auto-battler strategy game set in the haunted arcade where players engage in thrilling 1vs1 battles across five intense rounds. Delve into the captivating lore of the arcade, where malevolent forces manipulate the animatronics to wreak havoc, with JoJo the Clown as their sinister orchestrator.

Master cunning tactics in the Retro Hunters as you command your team of robust characters through exhilarating battles, utilizing their unique abilities and power-ups to outwit your opponents.

The foundation of Retro Hunters is the collection of Genesis NFTs, each representing a distinct character with their own enthralling storyline and backstory. Your chosen NFTs come to life as playable heroes in the game, with each possessing unique abilities and strengths that can sway the outcome of a battle. The NFTs are evenly divided into two sides - Humans, comprising 50% of the supply with five heroes, and Animatronics, making up the remaining 50% with six heroes. The side you choose will determine your character pool, gameplay strategy, and the alliances you forge.

These NFTs are not just collectibles; they come alive as your heroes during fierce combat. Cycle between your NFTs, strategizing and deploying their individual abilities to outmaneuver your opponents. As you confront the twisted animatronics in the haunted arcade, the visual representation of your NFTs will take on new significance, with skins potentially offering even more customization for your heroes in the future.

While all base characters share the same rarity, their randomized traits add a touch of individuality and exclusivity to each NFT. The character you own as an NFT will serve as the hero leading your team in the game, enabling a profound sense of ownership and immersion.

We’ve also designed an innovative on-chain Hero upgrade system that reflects in-game through API integration. By accumulating in-game currency and reaching certain thresholds, players can initiate on-chain upgrades for their NFTs, actively increasing the level of their Metadata. This pioneering approach fosters a play-to-own mentality, strengthening the connection between NFT ownership and in-game accomplishments. The more you progress, the more desirable your on-chain asset becomes.

Retro Hunters transcends traditional gaming experiences, presenting opportunities for social activation through mini-games, contests, and community-driven events. Expand your social presence by participating in these events, using your initial NFT collection as a foundation to grow your influence within the Retro Hunters community.

The game's captivating playability is further heightened by the seamless interoperability between the NFTs, characters, and the progression of the game itself. This interconnectedness ensures that every strategic decision you make in-game directly impacts the value and utility of your NFTs, creating a symbiotic relationship between asset ownership and gameplay.

Explore the darkest corners of the arcade, where the boundaries of illusion and reality blur, and the haunted arcade's future depends on your actions. Confront the sinister powers manipulating the animatronics, and decipher the lore, while etching your name in the Retro Hunter's leaderboard history.

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