Don't Look Back

Unveiling Don't Look Back, the latest exhilarating chapter in the Retro Hunters mini-game saga! Prepare to embark on a high-stakes RPG adventure, where you'll aid Raven, our skilled hacker, in evading the malevolent entities that haunt the Arcade's depths.
Distinct from the combative style of Retro Brawl, Don't Look Back presents a novel and engaging defense-focused RPG experience. Players have two difficulties to choose from: Casual mode, which tests your skills with a challenging five-round cap, or the unrelenting Ape Mode, where endless rounds push your limits as you accumulate tokens for survival.
To accommodate the diverse interests and abilities of our expanding community, we've developed three immersive game modes to cater to varying levels of competitiveness and accessibility:
Solo Competition: Complete various social tasks to earn tokens, use them to compete, and collect tickets. Aim for the top 500 to secure immediate whitelist eligibility and make your mark on the leaderboard.
Cross-Community Competition: Band together with other communities to vie for Retro Hunters-themed rewards by facing off in high-score races in Don't Look Back. Form alliances, strategize, and showcase your skills for collective glory. What has once concluded, had held a competition for communities such as Underground, Azukis, Pixelmon, and over 100 more.
Free to Enjoy/Practice: Dive into either of our two pre-mint mini-games without the need for an account. This mode provides an accessible and entertaining gaming experience for everyone, regardless of commitment level.
We've meticulously redesigned our website to optimize user experience, allowing for smooth navigation and interaction with our on-site Arcade. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming announcements about how Don't Look Back will impact our unique minting process.
While Don't Look Back's mechanics were conceptualized before Retro Brawl, refining our site and user experience took precedence to ensure seamless integration and enjoyment for all players.
We have made Don’t Look Back freely accessible after the conclusion of our five-day event. Whilst tokens were initially needed to play, this is dedicated to all the gaming enthusiasts who wish to continue enjoying our immersive, story-driven games.
As pioneers in the Web3 domain, we're proud to present this ambitious experiment that pushes the boundaries of blockchain gaming. Stay tuned for more thrilling developments and innovations within the Retro Hunters ecosystem... maybe seeing our mini-games reincarnated in a never-seen-before form post-mint.