Ace - The Gunner

Immerse yourself in the exhilarating tale of Ace, a valiant warrior captured by malicious animatronics and subjected to their depraved schemes. Unwavering in the face of danger, Ace wields his trusty assault rifle with unmatched precision, obliterating enemies with a single magazine. And with his devastating sniper rifle at the ready, no foe is safe from his catastrophic firepower.

Ace's attributes establish him as a fearsome contender, with medium-low HP and rapid movement. Utilizing his ranged attack, he dispenses a trio of bullets with his assault rifle, inflicting high damage at a moderate attack speed and effortlessly dispatching his opponents.

Venture alongside this gunner as he confronts the twisted animatronics and seeks retribution for their heinous acts. Will his unwavering determination and exceptional shooting prowess be sufficient to vanquish the merciless enemies that lie ahead?

1st Power Up: Rapid Rampage

Ace switches his assault rifle to full auto mode, unleashing a blistering torrent of bullets for 1 second. With unparalleled firing speed, he decimates his enemies in a relentless storm of projectiles.

2nd Power Up: Animatronic Impact

Ace draws out his heavy sniper, taking aim at the closest enemy and delivering a shot of immense power. The bullet's devastating impact doesn't stop at the first target; it continues on the same trajectory, piercing through any enemy unfortunate enough to be caught in its path.


Join this gunner on this heart-pounding journey as he battles the wicked animatronics and seeks to reclaim his freedom. Are you prepared to stand alongside this unstoppable marksman and conquer the nefarious forces that stand in his way?

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