Grim - The Buck

Introducing Grim, the cybernetic marvel who dominates the battlefield with unparalleled prowess. This dauntless buck boasts a set of razor-sharp horns, making him a force to be reckoned with as he faces his adversaries head-on.

Grim's attributes consist of medium HP, swift movement, and a melee attack that inflicts medium damage at a moderate attack speed. With these abilities, he charges into combat with agility and precision, utilizing his razor-edged horns to vanquish his opponents.

This cyber-buck is a formidable presence, and players must master his skills to emerge triumphant. With agile movement and medium damage, Grim strikes the perfect balance between speed and strength, making him the ideal choice for players who appreciate swift, decisive victories.

1st powerup: Headstrong Havoc

Witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of Grim's first power-up, as this cybernetic buck surges forward, horns lowered, in a relentless charge. Covering vast distances in the blink of an eye, Grim delivers a powerful headbutt that sends enemies reeling. As he skids to a halt, his hooves dig into the ground, leaving a trail of sparks and dust in his wake.

2nd powerup: Quake

Grim's second power-up is no less impressive. In a bold display of might, the cyber-buck leaps into the air, slamming his front hooves into the ground upon landing. This forceful maneuver creates a shockwave that can shift the tide of battle, dealing crippling damage to his adversaries.


Armed with these two formidable power-ups, Grim becomes an even more potent and fearsome warrior. His first power-up adds an element of intimidation and flair to his already impressive arsenal, while the second power-up delivers a crushing blow capable of altering the outcome of any skirmish. As players engage in the game's strategic battles, mastering the use of these power-ups will be crucial to achieving victory.

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