Retro Brawl

Introducing Retro Brawl, a fast-paced and exhilarating arcade-style fighting experience that brings the vibrant world of Retro Hunters to life. This captivating mini-game serves as a gateway into our expansive ecosystem, drawing in new players and generating excitement for our flagship game, Retro Hunters.
Retro Brawl is expertly crafted as one of two mini-games in our ecosystem, featuring engaging gameplay and limited-time competition availability of just five days, adding an air of exclusivity to the experience. Our team has ensured that the development of Retro Brawl does not detract from the progress of Retro Hunters, delivering a high-quality gaming experience across both platforms.
The gameplay of The Retro Arcade competition was accessible yet challenging, requiring the redemption of Arcade Tokens to participate. Players could earn tokens through social engagement, completing various tasks, and via our strategic partnerships. With three difficulty levels - beginner, casual, and hardcore - Retro Brawl caters to all skill levels, offering higher rewards for those who dare to push themselves to the limit.
As players competed in the Arcade, they earned Whitelist Tickets, which directly impacted their position on the Leaderboard. The top 500 players secured the coveted Hunter role, granting them Whitelist access, while the elite top 50 received golden tickets and the prestigious Challenger role.
To ensure fair distribution, any unranked tickets are entered into a raffle for Whitelist access, rewarding those who have competed fiercely for their spot. We believe in recognizing the dedication and passion of our players, and Retro Brawl offers the perfect opportunity to identify the best among them.
We made the arcade freely accessible after the conclusion of our five-day event. Whilst tokens were initially needed to play, this is dedicated to all the gaming enthusiasts who wish to continue enjoying our immersive, story-driven games.
In conclusion, Retro Brawl is a testament to our commitment to innovation and storytelling within the web3 space. By offering a unique and immersive experience, we showcase our ability as a forward-looking gaming company while providing an engaging platform for our community. As Elon Musk once said, we think, "Fortune favors the bold… so why not go out there and try new shit?" With Retro Hunters, we're doing just that.