Bronn - The Builder

Introducing Bronn, a mighty survivor hailing from the depths of a sprawling mega city, where he honed his strength by constantly digging through mountains of rubble. Now, he brings his unparalleled expertise to the arcade world, taking on the most formidable foes that emerge from the darkest corners of his nightmares.

Bronn, the ultimate fusion of brawn and brains in the world of construction warfare. Don't let his rugged exterior fool you; this formidable force wields an unparalleled mastery of tools to conquer any adversary. Boasting an impressive high HP and medium movement, Bronn dominates the battlefield with his trusty hammer, delivering medium damage at a moderate attack speed.

But there's more to Bronn than meets the eye. His true prowess lies in his cunning tactics and strategic use of his tools. With the aid of his powerful beacon and two menacing bear traps, Bronn transforms the construction site into a deadly playground, outwitting his enemies at every turn. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get Bronn - The Builder. Enter the thrilling world of construction combat and witness the unstoppable might of Bronn in action!

1st powerup: Beacon of Battle

A shining testament to Bronn's strategic prowess, this beacon empowers him with a 10% boost in attack and movement speed. Beware, though, for the beacon's magic wanes the moment he ventures beyond its borders, its effects wearing off after just 2 seconds. But should characters remain within its radius for the full 7 seconds, they shall enjoy the might of its relentless surge.

2nd powerup: Cunning Claws

Let the trap be sprung! As Bronn prepares for the round, he slyly places two devious bear traps, invisible to the enemy's gaze. One false step, and his foes shall rue their misfortune as the jaws of doom clamp shut upon them, inflicting 2x base attack damage and stunning/trapping them for a grueling second.


Brace yourself for a heart-pounding gaming experience as Bronn - The Builder takes on the arcade world with his game-changing power-ups. Discover the true potential of this construction colossus as he unleashes the full force of his ingenious arsenal, leaving his enemies in the dust.

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