Kasai - The Ninja

In the shadows, Kasai emerges as an unassuming agent, his stealthy nature the key to his silent, lethal prowess. Opponents find themselves caught off guard by the sudden whirlwind of fiery devastation that ensues from his swift and precise attacks. Kasai's mastery of both the flaming shuriken and a deadly hook and fire sword combo leaves adversaries engulfed in a blaze, evaporating their resistance as he dances through the battlefield.

Though Kasai's physical resilience may be low, his agility and speed more than compensate for his vulnerability. His nimble movements and quick reflexes make him a difficult target to pin down, allowing him to dart in and out of combat with the grace of a shadow. As he glides across the battlefield, he embodies the delicate balance of a ninja, striking the perfect harmony between evasion and aggression.

Kasai's ranged shuriken attack boasts a medium attack speed and damage, providing him with an array of tactical options to engage his enemies. The flaming shurikens pierce through the air with remarkable accuracy, while his hook and fire sword combo delivers an explosive burst of damage.

1st Power Up: Shuriken Storm

Kasai's first power-up erupts into action as the match commences, unleashing a tempest of shurikens that seek out every member of the opposing team. These fiery projectiles sear through the air, inflicting agonizing fire damage upon their targets for 5 seconds. With each scorching strike, Kasai's enemies are reminded of the lethal heat that the stealthy ninja brings to the battlefield.

2nd Power Up: Phantom Hook

The second power-up introduces Kasai's signature blend of cunning and brute force. Latching onto the nearest enemy with a swift and unerring hook, he reels them in for a devastating blow. His fire sword, gleaming with menace, slashes through the air, striking with an intensity five times more potent than his standard attack. The blazing edge leaves its victim scorched, sustaining fire damage for an additional 5 seconds. In the blink of an eye, Kasai vanishes from sight, leaving his foes bewildered and vulnerable for a brief 3-second window.


These two formidable power-ups showcase the versatility and ferocity this ninja hones. Blending his signature stealth with the raw destructive force of fire, Kasai ignites the battlefield with relentless, scorching fury, leaving his enemies to smolder in the wake of his blazing dance of death.

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