Chad - The Boxer

Step into the thrilling world of Chad, a high school bully who is blissfully oblivious to the mysterious connection between the missing people and the enigmatic arcade. Unbeknownst to him, his carefree days are numbered, as the impending collision of realities will force him to confront his fate. Equipped with his grappling hook super punch and potent steroids, Chad must summon the courage to confront the truth and evolve into the champion he is destined to become.

Chad's attributes make him a formidable force in any battle, boasting medium-high HP and rapid movement. With his melee attacks, he delivers high damage at a breakneck speed, ready to take on any challenge.

The thrilling saga of this boxer unfolds as he gradually awakens to the harsh reality that surrounds him. Will he rise to the occasion and embrace his destiny, or will he falter in the face of the unknown? Accompany Chad on this riveting journey of introspection and bear witness to the metamorphosis of an unexpected hero.

1st Power up: Skyhook Blitz

With a bird's-eye view from 20 ft above the ground, Chad unleashes his grappling hook, reaching 21 ft above the board. As it latches onto an invisible anchor, the hook pulls him skyward, swinging him halfway towards the nearest enemy. Upon landing, Chad's fists are charged with the power of his super punch. The moment he strikes, his first blow deals a staggering 5 times the normal damage, catching his enemies off guard.

2nd Power Up: Titan's Fury

Embracing his inner strength, Chad injects himself with potent steroids. For 4 adrenaline-fueled seconds, his damage output soars to incredible heights. During the first 2 seconds, he becomes an invincible force, shrugging off enemy attacks as he decimates his opponents.


Dive into this boxer's action-packed universe, as he unveils his breathtaking power-ups that defy gravity and transcend human limits. Witness the high school bully turned hero as he battles the unknown with the sheer might of his extraordinary abilities.

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