On-Chain Upgrades

Retain Value
Retro Hunters players can experience dynamic growth and progression through on-chain NFT upgrades. By eliminating pay-to-win mechanics, we ensure a fair and balanced gaming environment where skill and dedication are the primary factors for success.
Our off-chain economy plays a pivotal role in the upgrade process. As players engage in battles and accumulate in-game currency, their progress is tracked through in-game APIs connected to a website user interface. Once a player's balance reaches a specific threshold, they can initiate an on-chain upgrade for their NFT, which in turn deducts the required in-game currency.
This innovative approach fosters a play-to-own mentality, further enhancing the sense of asset ownership and encouraging players to immerse themselves in the game. By intertwining off-chain and on-chain elements, Retro Hunters offers a unique gaming experience that rewards players for their in-game achievements and dedication.
As we continue to develop and perfect our system, we plan to introduce an on-chain economy that will incorporate a pay-to-excel aspect, allowing players to invest in their gameplay experience. However, we remain committed to ensuring that the benefits of these upgrades come primarily through gameplay, with the highest rewards reserved for players who demonstrate exceptional skill and achieve top scores.
On-chain asset ownership and progression go hand-in-hand, providing a thrilling and rewarding experience that keeps players captivated and engaged. With a fully tested and robust method of upgrading NFTs, the potential for growth and success in the haunted arcade is limited only by your skill and dedication.