Genesis NFT's

Emotionally immersing online identities through gameplay.
What makes Retro Hunters truly special is the collection of Genesis NFTs that are integral to gameplay. These NFTs are not only stunning works of art, but they also have unique abilities and strengths that can help turn the tide of battle.
Each NFT in the collection represents a character with their own storyline. Get to know them intimately, and you'll unlock their true potential in battle. Will you choose the cunning and wily Razor - The Centipede, or the stealthily and unyielding Kasai - The Ninja? The choice is yours, and your NFTs will help determine your fate in the game.
As players unveil the secrets of the haunted arcade, they'll unlock more powerful NFTs to add to their collection, each with its own alluring tale to tell.
The haunted arcade adds an air of mystery to the proceedings, as players get uploaded into the game itself. Who knows what lurks in the shadows, or what secrets the arcade holds? With every battle, you'll uncover more of the game's secrets and unlock more powerful NFTs to add to your collection.
Get ready to enter the world of Retro Hunters, where every move counts and every Genesis NFT has its own unique tale to tell. Are you ready to become the ultimate champion? The fate of the arcade is in your hands.