Razor - The Centipede

Razor, the synthetic arthropod, is a lethal creation that escaped his confines after murdering his zookeeper, now on the run from his captors. His cybernetic nature provides him with a distinct set of skills, allowing him to exploit his advanced abilities to deadly effect. His prowess in spinning tornadoes and super boosting onto foes' heads deals devastating damage, making him a formidable force within the game's enthralling universe.

This arthropod's rapid movements and quick melee attacks with relatively low damage output make him a nimble and potent adversary. Players must tread carefully around him, for his fast attack speed allows him to deliver swift, catastrophic blows. Razor - The Fugitive Centipede is an excellent choice for players who value agility and speed over sheer force and power.

Razor's synthetic characteristics and cybernetic delicacy make him an exceptional and captivating character to control in the game's unfathomable reality. With agile movements and rapid-fire melee assault, Razor surfaces as a ruthless, versatile adversary capable of effortlessly vanquishing opposition.

1st Power Up: Cyclone Assault

The initial power-up enables him to whirl into a tornado-like frenzy on his 10th attack, swiftly and repeatedly striking in a circular pattern, inflicting damage on anyone within a 1-block radius. This power-up is ideal for situations where Razor must dispense damage to multiple adversaries simultaneously, rendering him a formidable contender in group skirmishes.

2nd Power up: Death From Above

The second power-up replenishes Razor's mana bar, permitting him to crouch and rocket skyward, zeroing in on the enemy with the lowest HP before plummeting down upon them with 4x attack damage. If the targeted enemy perishes upon impact, the power-up recharges instantaneously, allowing Razor to deploy it once more while reacquiring the enemy with the least HP. Adding a unique deadly component to game play.


Razor, armed with a slew of cryptic power-ups, transforms into a fearsome rival who demands constant attention from players. Razor bides his time in the game's hidden area, preparing to unleash the full range of his remarkable abilities on unprepared rivals as he ardently pursues the tantalizing scent of success.

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