Rain - The Medic

Enter the electrifying world of Rain, a swift and cunning nurse who defies all odds in his quest for vengeance. Unleashing his unparalleled self-healing abilities and his deadly mist grenade, Rain leaves his enemies regretting the day they dared to defy him.

In the aftermath of a harrowing outbreak at the hospital, sinister doctors turned against Rain, seeking to bend him to their will. But they underestimated the indomitable spirit of this slick healer, who escaped their clutches and now speeds forth on a mission of retribution.

Rain's attributes make him an efficient rival, armed with medium HP and blistering fast movement. His melee attacks come with lightning-fast speed, delivering medium damage to any who dare challenge him.

1st Power Up: Rejuvenation

Rain taps into the boundless well of his inner mana, channeling a power-up that miraculously restores 33.3% of his max HP. Witness as this indomitable healer becomes an unavoidable force of nature, his vitality replenished in the heat of battle.

2nd Power Up: Healing grenade

With a deft flick of his wrist, Rain hurls a grenade-like explosive into the air. As it detonates, a healing green mist envelops a 3x3 block area, gliding linearly back towards the human/ally side at a pace of 2 blocks per second. Any friend or foe caught in its path is bathed in its restorative embrace, their wounds mended by its curative touch.


Get ready for a gripping journey as this healer takes on the arcade world with his awe-inspiring power-ups. Discover the true potential of this swift and cunning healer as he unleashes the full force of his life-giving abilities, leaving his enemies in utter disbelief.

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