X - The Gorilla

X leaves his impression as a mechatronic silverback with primal instincts to kill. This powerful creature uses his swing attack and barrel-throwing abilities to decimate his enemies, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

Attributes include high HP, slow movement, and a melee attack that deals high damage at a slow-paced attack speed. With these abilities,this Gorilla swings into battle with brute force, using his raw strength and primal instincts to overpower his opponents.

This Silverbacks' capabilities demand respect and attention from players who aspire to win. With impressive durability and a fierce hand-to-hand combat style, X - The Gorilla is the optimal preference for those who prioritize brawn and strength above swiftness and nimbleness. Therefore, prepare yourself to embark on an adventure in the game world, where X - The Gorilla eagerly awaits to guide you towards triumph.

1st powerup: Primal Fury

X - The Gorilla's raw power is amplified with his Triple Swing Attack power-up. In a lightning-fast sequence of movements, X unleashes a series of devastating strikes that hit his enemies with overwhelming force. This power-up makes X - The Gorilla an even more daunting opponent, leaving his opponents reeling from his brutal assault.

2nd powerup: Shockwave Barrel

With X - The Gorilla's barrel throw power-up, players can take their enemies by surprise. X can hurl a barrel at the enemy furthest from him with incredible accuracy, stunning them for a full four seconds. This gives players a significant advantage, allowing them to move in and deliver a devastating blow while their enemy is immobilized. With this second power-up, X - The Gorilla proves to be a powerhouse, leaving his enemies in a daze as he relentlessly pursues victory.


The mechatronic Silverback stands tall as a fierce and powerful opponent, with primal strength and instinct that demands respect from players. To emerge victorious, players must unlock and master the use of X's power-ups, amplifying his already impressive capabilities. X eagerly awaits to lead players to triumph, but only those who can harness his raw power and primal instincts will stand a chance against him.

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