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Portal for Web2 & Web3
Introducing the Retro Hunters Portal: A Seamless Bridge Between Web 3 Growth and Mobile Web 2 Expansion
A groundbreaking platform designed to revolutionize the gaming experience. This innovative platform seamlessly merges the worlds of NFTs, blockchain, and mobile gaming, creating an all-encompassing immersive experience for gamers worldwide. The key features for the Retro Hunters Portal include:
Exclusive Access for NFT Holders
Initially, the Portal will be exclusively accessible to NFT holders, providing them with unparalleled benefits and an enhanced gaming experience. This exclusivity grants these early adopters a head start in exploring the captivating world of our games.
Scale within Web 3
We’ve built into the roadmap plans to introduce a multitude of temporary free-to-own heroes/opportunities post-launch.
While these won’t cost anything to mint, they will require a variety of social and game-related tasks to qualify. At the time they’re deployed, Retro Hunters will have a strong user base, and value will already be accruing to their in-game assets.
This effort will reinvigorate the RH community and bring in a new wave of web3 players to bolster the game’s awareness.
Scaling to Mobile Free-to-Play with Micro transactions
As we continue to grow, the Portal will expand to include mobile free-to-play games with micro transactions, broadening our reach and introducing new players to the unique gaming universe we've created.
The overall goal of our flagship product, Retro Hunters, was to create a product that the masses would enjoy, so what better way than bringing it to them on a silver platter?
Delayed Introduction of Web 3 into Mobile Gaming
By strategically delaying the integration of Web 3 into mobile gaming, we provide players with ample time to acclimate themselves to our platform and its offerings. This gradual approach ensures a smooth transition and enhanced user experience.
Converting the Highest Tier of Web 2 Mobile Players into Web 3 Economy
Our platform is designed to identify and reward the most dedicated and engaged Web 2 mobile players, offering them incentives to convert to the Web 3 economy. This targeted approach ensures a bottom-up approach to the growth of a loyal and active user base.
The Portal is the future of gaming – a perfect blend of Web 3 growth, Mobile Web 2 expansion, and an engaging gaming experience. Our innovative platform ensures that gamers worldwide can seamlessly transition between different gaming environments while enjoying a captivating and immersive experience. Join us in redefining the gaming landscape with the Retro Hunters Portal!