Pluto - The Martian

Pluto - The Martian is a cosmic anomaly that strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. His powerful interdimensional pistol and mini UFO establish him as a force to be feared in the enigmatic game universe. Despite his low HP, Pluto's quick movement and range attack with an alien blaster allow him to eliminate enemies with ease. His blaster shoots the closest enemy with high attack frequency, making up for the low damage dealt.

Pluto's unique attributes and abilities make him an ideal choice for players who prefer to strike fast and move quickly. With his interdimensional pistol and mini UFO at his disposal, Pluto is a formidable opponent that players must be wary of. He may have low HP, but his speed and attack frequency more than make up for it. Those who underestimate Pluto do so at their own peril. Enter the game world, where Pluto - The Martian awaits, ready to take on all challengers in his quest for victory.

1st Power Up: Cosmic Blast

Pluto’s already formidable presence in the game is amplified with his lethal power-ups. The primary Charge Shot power-up unleashes a devastating attack that deals 7x the standard damage, leaving his enemies reeling from the immense power of his interdimensional pistol.

2nd Power Up: Area 51

His second power-up, the Mini UFO, is equally fearsome. Calling upon the Mini UFO at the beginning of the match, it provides support by hovering over the spaceman and shooting the farthest defender with the same firing frequency as the interdimensional blaster, doing half the damage of the blaster. This gives players a significant advantage, allowing them to take control of the battle and dictate the flow of the game.


Pluto - The Martian's arsenal of power-ups elevates his already awe-inspiring gameplay, establishing him as an opponent to be feared within the game's enigmatic realm. His incredible speed and attack frequency, coupled with his interdimensional pistol and Mini UFO, grant him an invincible aura that must be approached with caution by players. Step into the game world and prepare for an unparalleled contest, where Pluto - The Martian eagerly awaits to take on any challengers daring enough to cross his path towards triumph.

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