Raven - The Hacker

Delve into the captivating realm of Raven, a cyber runner hailing from the shadowy digital underworld, on a quest to unravel the unimaginable secrets of the arcade. Equipped with a myriad of state-of-the-art gadgets and her formidable EMP, she leaves her animatronic adversaries immobilized and helpless in the face of her relentless assault.

Raven's attributes render her a unique and intriguing combatant. While she possesses low HP and remains stationary, her range attack compensates for these limitations. Targeting both the closest and furthest enemies simultaneously, she gradually chips away at their health with her high attack speed and potent damage output.

Experience the cyber odyssey of the hacker as she uncovers the arcane secrets of the cyber realm. Will her keen intellect and innovative gadgets be enough to overcome the challenges that await her?

1st Power Up: System Overload

Raven harnesses the devastating power of her EMP, triggering an electronic shutdown that freezes all enemies in their tracks for 2 seconds. The initiation of the freeze also inflicts damage on her adversaries, leaving them vulnerable to her relentless strikes.

2nd Power Up: Divide and Conquer

Raven takes her EMP capabilities to new heights, immobilizing her enemies for 4 seconds. Simultaneously, she manipulates one of the opponents, turning them against their teammates. This unwitting traitor wreaks havoc among the ranks of the frozen animatronics, inflicting damage and sowing chaos. Once the 4 seconds have elapsed, the hacked enemy reverts to their original allegiance, left to face the consequences of their unwilling betrayal.


Unite with Raven as she conquers the cyber arena, wielding her astounding power-ups with unmatched prowess. Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary might of this cyber runner as she masterfully outmaneuvers and dismantles her opponents.

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